How to Adopt a Dog – Dos and Don’ts

There is nothing more exciting than welcoming a new pup into your house! But just like humans, dogs have different personalities and different experiences with people. Therefore, the adoption experience may vary from pet to pet. Learn how to adopt a dog the right way!

Dos and Don’ts of Adopting a Dog

Here are some basic tips on how to adopt a dog that will help you welcome the new pup in the family and build a strong bond in no time!   


  • Research the Dog: Before you adopt a dog, be a hundred percent sure that you can look after them. Learn everything about them, including their health, grooming, dietary, and exercise needs.
  • Dog-Proof the Area: It is a good idea to dog-proof the house before bringing in a new pup. This is important because dogs love to explore. Once they are comfortable, you can expect them to check out every nook and cranny. So, make sure the space is safe for them.  
  • Follow a Schedule: Dogs enjoy having a routine, which is why it is a good idea to follow a schedule from the very first day. Start the schedule of feeding, toilet training, and playtime from day one,  
  • Let them Settle In: Moving can be stressful for dogs. So, make sure you give your pet as much time as they need to settle in. It is best to remain calm and quiet for the first few days around your dog.  


  • Don’t Stare for Too Long: Avoid establishing eye contact for too long. An unfamiliar dog may consider it as a challenge to fight.
  • Don’t Leave Puppies Unattended for Long: Leaving a puppy alone at home for a long period can lead to distress. It is best to avoid adopting a young puppy if you have a very busy schedule.    
  • Don’t Miss Out on the Vet’s Appointment: Your dog’s health should be your number one priority. Never miss out on an appointment to the vets. This is especially important for new pups!   

Now that you know how to adopt a dog, you can welcome your new furry friend into the family. If you find these tips helpful, visit our website to learn more about pets’ health and wellness.