Supplements for Dogs and Cats – How To Choose?

A cat sleeping in bed

Pet supplements are formulated to be part of the pet diet. They offer tailored solutions to treat certain health conditions. Therefore, it is essential to pick the right ones for your cats and dogs. Pet supplements can be broadly categorized into two types of products – Nutritional Supplements and Health Supplements.

Nutritional Supplements – These supplements are intended to ensure a well-balanced pet diet. Generally, vitamins, minerals, and other similar supplements that add nutritional value to the diet, improve general health and boost energy are categorized as nutritional supplements.

Health Supplements – These supplements are intended to support biological functions and structure in the body. For example, supplements that provide joint support to pets are categorized as health supplements.

The best way to choose a supplement for your pet is to consider their unique needs and health condition. For instance, pet parents can opt for supplements with manganese and antioxidant effect for pets experiencing joint pain. Vitamin based supplements are an excellent choice for addressing health conditions associated with skin and hair.  

Always work with a vet to identify the most suitable type of supplements for your pets. It is advisable to consult a vet before purchasing any supplement as they will recommend the right supplement for your pets based on their current health condition and medical history.

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