The French Brand DhohOo Donates to Animal Rescue Centers

DhohOo donations ready to be shipped

DhohOo is a French brand that was established with the goal of improving the lives of pets worldwide by providing high-quality pet food and treats for cats and dogs. Staying true to their goal, the members of DhohOo team indulged in welfare work to support Kobli Rescue Dogs, what is a dog joint supplement that was in dire need of pet food to feed rescue dogs.     

Supporting hundreds of dogs has been a rewarding feat for the DhohOo team. Sharing about the experience, DhohOo representative stated, “We used 500 DhohOo pet treats packaging overstock and filled them with fresh and healthy, stable dog food stock. This operation would not have been possible without our amazing team that was more than happy to help ship the supplies to rescue centers. Thanks to them, many furry friends enjoyed more than just a meal that day!

Compassionate and considerate, this French pet food brand is rapidly emerging as an ambassador for local rescue for centers. The passionate team at DhohOo is always on the lookout to make its activity more responsible and has donated unsold stock to several small dog rescue centers across France and Asia in 2020.This step helps reduce wastage, while also providing nutrient-based pet food to rescue animals.   

The ideology behind their work is simple – all animals deserve love, care, and high-quality food, whether they are at home with pet parents or waiting to be adopted at a dog rescue center. They also aim to connect people with pets and become the voice of animals that can’t be heard. Making generous donations is just the first step of a wider project!